Tour our Facilities for Animals

Our facility offers both easy access and comfortable surroundings. To the right is our main entrance to the hospital. Clients with large or unruly pets appreciate the outdoor seating even in the Winter. We have also applied color theory to our paint and decor. Since blue is a healing and calming color, we have used it on both the inside and outside of the building.

The photo above shows some of our Halloween decorations.You can also be sure that whenever there is a holiday around the corner, we have decorated for it.

pet hospitalBecause we love “all animals”, both domestic and wild, our reception area and main hall are decorated with animal-centric artwork and photos. Dr. Van Cise is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and you will find many interesting photos both on our web site and on our walls. The photo to the left shows the reception area. Note the subtly textured wallpaper, limited edition prints, and framed plates of juvenile exotic cats.

Have you ever been to a clinic where you felt like your pet wasn’t welcome? Well you don’t have to worry about that at our clinic. We treat virtually all non-poisonous animals, including but not limited to both wild and domestic animals. During our tour, you will see photos of unusual animals we have treated, including not only dogs and cats, but pigs, frogs, owls, opossums, birds, and a myriad of other domestic, and wild animals.

Part of our tour includes a photo album of many of the animals we have treated, our hospital pets, and our own pets. In many of the photos we describe our treatment and/or our philosophy so you have a better feel for the “one-on-one” type of care we provide. With the advent of modern medicine and managed health care, this type of one-on-one care is virtually extinct. However, it is alive and well at All Animals Exotic or Small. Enjoy your tour!