One of the major benefits you receive when you bring your pets to All Animals Exotic or Small is that Dr. Van Cise has learned how to combine the best in up-to-the-minute medicine with the power of alternative, and sometimes ancient therapies. “Alternative therapies”, also known as complimentary or energetic medicine, include anything that allopathic (“Western”) medicine does not consider standard. The power of complimentary medicine comes in large part from correcting the cause of the disease rather than just covering up its symptoms. Dr. Van Cise’s extensive training in Western (so called standard) and alternative medicine allows him to help you decide the best treatment for your pet. This often results in a blend of allopathic and alternative therapies.

A partial listing of services we provide includes:

Acuscope Therapy
This is best described as computerized acupuncture without the needles and often gives faster results.
Complete Range of Medical Diagnostics
Includes blood work-ups, biopsies, and fiberoptic endoscope (described below)
Fiberoptic Endoscope
This tool can reach into the lungs, G-I tract, or abdomen without major surgery. It is used for both diagnosis and treatment.
Traditional Acupuncture
This may be used alone or with regular medical/surgical procedures.
Boarding and Complete Hospitalization
General Surgery
Surgery is now offered using a carbon dioxide surgical laser. This is in addition to radiosurgery, which we have offered since 1987. All procedures are done cosmetically, resulting in little or no visible scars.
Orthopedic Surgery
Ranging from repairing cruciate ligament rupture and fracture repair to removal of bone cysts.
Soft Tissue Surgery
Ranging from ovariohysterectomies and alters to intestinal anastomosis and thoracic surgery.
Ranging from teeth cleaning to tooth extraction.
Complete Pharmacy
Ranging from routine to emergency to personalized medications.
Health Certificates (US and International)
Wellness Programs