Health of Animals
Your pet’s health and well-being are dependent on many factors, including proper nutrition, emotional well-being, exercise, shelter, and companionship. If any of these areas breaks down, it can cause the pet’s immune system to become more susceptible to illness. Consequently, that is why we focus on treating the individual pet, not just the disease.

small animals healthOne of the major benefits you receive when you bring your pets to All Animals Exotic or Small is that Dr. Van Cise has learned how to combine the best in up-to-the-minute medicine with the power of alternative, and sometimes ancient, therapies. Many of our clients have helped their pets with alternative therapies when Western medicine seemed unable to offer an acceptable solution. This reflects a similar trend in human medicine. The complementary therapies offered by Dr. Van Cise include acupuncture, acuscope, aquapuncture, auricular medicine, lasers, moxibustion, Reiki, and whole body supplements.

The Summer Aromatherapy for pets is here! Find out about exotic pets and remedies that are useful for some exotics.

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