Animal Health and Rights with Shelters

Dog pound is a best example for this. It takes the lost dogs and rescues them by keeping in shelter for a period of time until it is adopted by a new owner or the old one finds it. Till then facilities like food, medicine, and shelter in ultimate are provided. Cats and dogs are the main kind of animals kept in such places. The inmates are brought by voluntary agencies and people who are working for the cause of animals and their rights. Though there existed the tendency of killing animals in such places after a particular period of time by considering the absence of adoption and diseases during earlier times, modern shelters adopts a no kill policy when it comes to the protection of these animals. On the other hand, we have our feline friends. Cats are not so demanding. All you have to give them is a clean litter box; a little affection and they will be satisfied. And in return, these pets will give their loyalty and companionship to you. An important question to answer before we ponder on our rights to keepanimals as pets. People keep animals as pets for companionship. Yes, we do make friends and have a family as well as acquaintances to keep us company. But bringing home a pet animal gives us a different feeling altogether. Animals give us pure solace and support. After a tiring day at work, it is always a pleasure to be greeted with a slobbery tongue or soft purrs. You can payday loans share their deepest thoughts and disappointments with their pets without having to fear your secrets will ever be revealed. Such conditions can be tackled by providing set ups like cat trees, spacious areas for dogs etc. This helps in making the animal feel good about its environment and helps in healthy upbringing with less trouble. Animal lovers can donate to these shelters and help in raising them with dignity. Just a few reminders, before bringing your pets to the shelters mentioned above, make sure that you contact them first so that you will know if your pet can be accommodated or not and there are certain procedures that needs to be followed, so you can inquire about those procedures at the same time.

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