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We shall do our best to make your visit both pleasant and beneficial. Your suggestions for both our clinic and our web site help us to bring you the best in patient care and are always encouraged. We are a“pet focused hospital”. That means all our efforts are directed at helping the pet stay healthy or regain its health. We take the matter of getting patients healthy very seriously whether it is an international show champion or a goldfish in a bowl. But we do not present medicine in a seriously cold, “take-it-or-leave-it” fashion. Our focus is on the individual pet, not the disease.


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Client education is a primary key to our philosophy. If the client does not understand the reason for what we are recommending, we can not expect them to be consistent with their care. Clients choose their therapies. We give them enough information to choose intelligently among several options and then let them decide. Every pet and every client is treated as an individual, and all treatments truly are customized for each situation.

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One of the benefits you receive when you bring your pets to All Animals Exotic or Small is that Dr. Van Cise has learned how to combine the best in up-to-the-minute medicine with the power of alternative, and sometimes ancient, therapies. The power of complementary medicine comes in large part from correcting the cause of the disease, rather than just covering up its symptoms. Please visit the services and health sections of our web site to learn more about our treatment modalities.